Day 1: Ross Fergus



As you well know, it’s wise to give a lot of thought to a substantial project in the time leading up to its beginning. Today is the first day of such an undertaking for me, and I’ve considered dozens of ways it might begin. For several reasons, I’ve chosen to begin it with you.

As much as anyone, and without any explanation from me, I think you’ll understand the reasons for how and why writing a note a day for a year might be beneficial. If it’s done from the heart, everyone wins, right? That’s one reason I’m writing you first. I think you get all that.

But mostly, I want you to know something that’s much simpler and heartfelt. I want you to know that I’m in your corner, cheering you on, and even though it’s really not my place … I’m so very proud of you.

Someone’s always watching, Ross, and I’m watching you. I’m sorry the time we had together at Fellowship Bible Church didn’t last longer. It would’ve been great if our families had more time. But life called, and you dutifully answered, and so I watch from a distance as you go about life. Yes, someone’s always watching.

It’s my great pleasure to watch a younger man pursue life as you do. I know you want the very best for your family, and I know your vision for what’s best doesn’t always

I hope you don't mind me using this photo. I thought it was perfect.

I hope you don’t mind me using this photo. I thought it was perfect.

necessarily align with the directions the world’s headed. It’s a big responsibility isn’t it? And it’s really hard work. But they’re going to thank you for it one day. Proverbs says “…the glory of children is their fathers.” Many would take that out of context, but you’re smart enough to know what it really means. The glory you and Brandie are instilling into each child (and into one another which is the most important thing) is your greatest gift. I’m all about Team Fergus Five. Well done, my friend. You two stay the course.

What I also know about you is the exceptional desire you have for understanding. In a world where so many people are content walking through a fog, I can’t imagine anything to admire more. I hope what I’m about to say makes sense, and most likely you already understand it anyway, but there aren’t many people like you out there who know the kinds of things you know professionally, and believe as you do in your heart. Those two things create something really special. The world needs what you’ve got. Remember that.

You’ve got a great head on your shoulders, Ross, but what I like most is that your life is a manifestation of your heart. God sees the heart. Isn’t that amazing? I imagine He smiles when he looks into yours.

The quote at the top of the page is from Steve Farrar, one of my favorite inspirational authors. A couple of his books helped shape the direction for my life when I was your age. Another of my favorites from Farrar is this, and I keep it in my heart: “It doesn’t matter how you start out in life. What matters is how you finish. Finish strong.”

It brings me joy to share these things with you. I’m here if you ever need anything. I mean that.

I wish you and your family the happiest of new years, full of abundance and grace.

Your cheerleader,


3 thoughts on “Day 1: Ross Fergus

  1. Steve ~ you’re the man with a plan. Good fortune on your new venture. You are off to a great beginning and the wind is fair and the open sea beckons. Tell Dana that we all love her. Felipe of the North.


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