Day 14: Kathy Qualls

Kathy: Don't ask me the reason I chose this photo to represent my first thought about you. I can't find the words. I think I'll just let the photo stand.

Kathy: Don’t ask me to explain the reason I chose this photo representing my first thought about you. I can’t find the descriptive words. I think I’ll just let the photo stand for whatever the words might otherwise be.

(Note: Kathy Qualls lives in my small hometown of Monette, Arkansas. She’s a wife, a mom, an encourager, a volunteer servant – the kind of person every community needs.)

Dear Kathy,

More than a year ago when I decided to walk 500 miles across Spain, several thoughts came wildly rushing to mind in the pivotal moment I booked the plane ticket. The first thought was, “Are you a total nut job?” The second was that I needed some good people who’d have my back.

That’s when I wrote you.

Kathy (left) with a friend on mission in Costa Rica.

Kathy (left) with a friend on mission in Costa Rica.

I learned a long time ago that you need people who have your back. Although my first pilgrimage would be a solo walk, I knew I didn’t have to walk alone. You and four others agreed to pray for me every day, even before it began. Prayer isn’t my greatest gift. I think that’s why I gravitate so much to those who have it.

I knew you’d honor any commitment you made and that you’d even make it a priority. And I knew you’d go deeper that praying for my safety and comfort. You’d pray for my revelation, for insight, for wisdom and ultimately you’d pray God would be glorified through it all. That’s why you were one of the five I wanted on my team. I desired all those same things, especially the latter.

Whether you know it or not, when you prayed, you literally walked every step with me. You guys were right there, over the Pyrenees, through the Meseta, across Galicia. Truth is, I really don’t know if I would’ve made it those last three days without your prayers. It was surely difficult.

Thank you so much for honoring me with your commitment to pray, and for the countless others for whom you’ve done the very same thing and more.

There are some people who when you look at them, you can see Jesus. Thank you for reflecting and magnifying His glory.

Your prayed over pilgrim,




3 thoughts on “Day 14: Kathy Qualls

  1. Steve, My heart is so humbled. I don’t seem to know the person you describe in your comments. However, I will strive each day to bring glory and honor to only God. It was as if I walked each step with you. The beautiful pictures brought your journey to life for me. But as always the gift God has given you to place ordinary words together is awe inspiring. Thank you for making your journey come alive in my mind and heart.
    In “His” Love,


    • Kathy,

      Steve is without Internet and has just arrived in Ecuador yesterday but I know he will love your comment and will probably respond it will just take a few days.



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