Day 15: Bill Barber


(Note: Bill Barber is some of all the best things I know and admire. Entrepreneur. Servant. Great family man. Full of wisdom and integrity. Risk taker. Pioneer. With Bill, self comes second to pretty much everything else. I love him with all my heart.)

Bill Barber, presiding over our vows in October 2009.

Bill Barber, presiding over our vows in October 2009.

Dear Bill:

When it came time to finalize the best, most important decision of my life you were standing right there. Looking back, it seems so right.

The covenant vow of marriage is such a big deal, and it meant so much that you’d stand with Dana and me as we formalized that promise to one another, and to God.

You’re one of those men who is bigger than life, you know? Some people command attention with no effort. Everybody gets a little quieter when they walk in the room. They create a presence.

“Never, never, never give up.” That’s what you told me once. Those aren’t just words when they’re coming from someone who’s actually lived that mantra.

You called me once out of the blue, Bill, and said, “Let’s just get together for a cup of coffee. You’ve been on my mind.” So we just sat and talked. We just had a good, simple talk.

I was having a hard time with some things back then. Whether you knew it or not, I needed someone to just sit and talk. It’s exactly what I needed. Your call was right on time. It was so nice to know someone cared.

I’ve reached a point in life where I like to remind some of the younger men I care about that someone is always watching. Someone is always watching, indeed. I’m so glad I’ve had you to watch.

Thank you for being a man of integrity.

And just so you know, the burgers at Hollywood Grill are still the best I ever had.

Watchfully yours,

Steve Watkins



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