Day 17: Greg Murtha

(Note: Greg Murtha is a husband, father and an advocate for the greater good. He’s approaching his 65th round of chemotherapy.)

Dear Greg,

This may seem weird, I know. After all, we’ve never even met.

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-8-03-05-amBased on what I know about you, my guess is you’d prefer something like this not even be written. But if I didn’t write it … well, it would be contrary to everything you’ve shown me, the polar opposite of your very example, and thus, I wouldn’t be true to my true self, Greg. Because as you so eloquently and often do, I write this note from the heart. I am compelled to write you.

There. I’ve cited your own teachings right back at you, and so I’ll write on …

We’re just “Facebook friends” and not even “real” friends, right? We somehow made a brief connection through our mutual friend, Chuck Gschwend. I think I’d spoken with Chuck about the admiration I had for the Halftime Institute. The Bob Buford book was a game changer for me, and Chuck let me know about your work there. At my contact, you were kind enough to respond to some questions from a stranger.

This note is from an admirer. As you’ve done for so may, you’ve helped me connect with you from a distance. I’m a fan of transparent mass communication, and those with the gift who speak from the heart. I like people who take the mask off, lay all their cards on the table, especially when it’s done for a higher cause – one greater than a cause for self. You get it, Greg. You get what life’s about. And it’s not about us, is it? Thank you for spreading that message.

What comforting words may I offer for your situation, my brother? I pray for you. You should know that first. I soak in your wisdom offered freely and with such humility. You should know that, too. The video released a few months back … it was captivating. I find no other word. As I watched, I wept.

Quick addendum to reader: At some point you should view this video. Trust me.

I’m sorry for the days when things are so unfairly grueling, and I know that’s an understatement. My heart hurts for you those days. That isn’t much solace, but it’s true. For what it’s worth, I stand with, and for you, as much as that’s possible.

I’ve never seen a greater gift for influence. Thank you for influencing me, my friend.

Not too long ago, you posed a question a friend once posed to you. You asked rhetorically, “How has God historically used you?”

Yes, I was listening that day. My, my, my. The thought of that question this morning brings tears to my eyes. It surely does. Who am I that God would use me? Forgive me, Lord for all the ways that through my disobedience I’ve failed to bring glory to your name. But thank you for the times when I believe you did.

You see? You have influenced me. I’m listening, Greg. Keep talking. Keep leading. Thank you for your obedience to God’s call in your life.

How has God historically used YOU, Greg?

For one, he’s used you to help me. I thought you should know.

Your brother in Christ,

Steve Watkins
Jonesboro, AR

2 thoughts on “Day 17: Greg Murtha

  1. What a gift your 17th Day entry has been for me. I started following you on FB- APOC when you walked the Camino…then FB and then your blog. On this day what you have shared here has really touched me deeply. I do know how God has historically used me and yet due the past 2 years of tremendous personal stress and health challenges, I need to begin again…and anew …to listen for where God is calling me. Greg’s video came as a real gift. I will be viewing it gain and again. Thank you, Steve, thank you.


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