Day 20: Mike Medlock

(Note: I knew Mike Medlock for at least a decade. In the last two years of his life, I considered him a business mentor, but mostly cherished his counsel on more important matters about life. His wisdom was unsurpassed.)

Dear Mike,

I’m not sure I ever got the chance to really tell you how much I valued the times you’d let me come by for coffee and conversation. That you would share your wisdom and take time out for me speaks to just a few of the core values you personified.

Mike Medlock

Mike Medlock

Once in a great while someone shares a thought that shapes you, and forevermore becomes a part of who you are. Such moments are the ones you keep in the front files of so many memories. You gave me such a moment during one of our last visits.

I could write many things about what it spoke to me, but honestly, more words would detract from its profundity, I think, so I’ll keep this short.

What you shared could be understood in several ways, many of them superficial. I’m so glad I understood the deep, personal, and soulful place you were coming from when you shared this thought:

“You are not responsible for another person’s happiness.”

I miss you, Mike. I miss your class, and your style, and your calm demeanor the product of so much wisdom. I miss the always-perfect knot in your tie.

Thank you for our time together.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Watkins

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