Day 25: Yalanda Merrell


Dear Yalanda:

What we need more than anything right now is two simple things:

  1. We need people who lead by example, and;
  2. We need people who are real.

Why are these things so difficult, and why so rare?


Yalanda Merrell and her husband, Shaun.

I’m not even sure we’ve met, but because I see it’s your birthday, first of all, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day. I thought this would be a nice occasion to thank you for the gift you give me daily.

The parable stories you publish on social media are one of the earliest breaths of fresh air I savor each morning. I see your name. I see the parable. And I stop and read. Thank you for making me stop. It’s never, ever, a regret.

The morning parables are a great use of your creative gift for journalistic storytelling. There’s a quote that comes from my favorite writer, Pat Conroy, and I cite this quote a lot, but I thought you’d enjoy it:

“The most powerful words in the English language are, ‘Tell me a story…'”

When you combine personal, transparent storytelling with truth, you have a mighty powerful thing. Our testimony, our witness, we might call it. Whatever its label, it brings an experience that makes us all more human. We need that so desperately in this moment. Your gift is so rare. I know you’ll never take it for granted.

You’re ministering to others, and you’re taking responsibility for growth and maturity in your own life. It requires discipline what you do. It requires looking in the mirror. Introspective thought. It requires a vision that’s bigger than you. We need that example, too.

Keep going. Keep writing. Keep telling those stories.

Good job, Yalanda. I hope you enjoyed writing your story this morning as much as I did.

A grateful fan,

Steve Watkins

2 thoughts on “Day 25: Yalanda Merrell

  1. Steve,
    After I read your Note-A-Day posts I almost always find myself looking for the like button. I hope that you will take that for the compliment that I mean it to be. I look forward to reading your post each day!

    Liked by 1 person

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