Day 26: Jeannick Guerin


Dear Jeannick:

I’ve asked lots of people lots of questions. If I told you the number, you probably wouldn’t even believe.

Jeannick Guerin

Jeannick Guerin

But of all the thousands, nothing ever stuck like your response to a question one day within minutes of the  moment we met.

“Why do you think so many people walk the Camino?” I asked, as we sipped coffees at a random bar in Azofra.

“Generally speaking you have three kinds of people: You have the walker who does it as a challenge. You have the person who does it for reasons of faith. Then you have the pilgrim. The pilgrim never knows why he’s on the path, and the path doesn’t go to Santiago. You always stay on the path. It’s people who are searching for something. Once you’re a pilgrim, you stay a pilgrim. That’s bad news for you, mate.”

Not so bad, though I’ll admit some days are better than others, my friend.

I’m still on the path, Jeannick. Thank you for letting me know it’s okay.

Hope you are well.

Walking onward,

Steve Watkins

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