Day 27: Ed “Ecuador Ed” Harned


Dear Ed:

One thing I’ve notice lately is how people are more than willing to get involved and do a good deed as long as they get to talk about it publicly – as long as there’s something in it for their EGO. Every day you see countless good deed doers shouting from the social media mountaintop.

It’s strikes me as one of the saddest trends in ages.

The English standard version of Matthew 6:1 reads:

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them …”

Ed Harned

Ed Harned

So when you wrote early yesterday morning to ask if you could drive over and help me repair a broken window, it was actually a bit shocking. Who reaches out and goes completely out of their way to help some gringo schmuck down the road with an unbelievable story that a window fell on him in bed during the night?

Apparently, you do. And what a blessing to me.

Not only did you offer to help. You made a 40-mile round trip to see it through.  And you know how it is down here. In the event someone does something for you, they generally want something in return. Usually something green with a president’s picture, right?

Not you. You just wanted to help. Isn’t it amazing we now live in a time when something like that almost shocks the conscience?

Thank you for shocking my conscience, Ed. It was a MUCH better shock than the window falling on me. As we often say, “…only in Ecuador.”

PS: It was lovely gathering at your home Wednesday night. Thank you for including me. Good people and a vista de magnifico.

Yours truly,

Steve Watkins

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