Day 33: Beth Jusino


(Note: Beth Jusino is a freelance editor, award-winning writer, teacher, and publishing consultant with sixteen years experience helping individuals share better stories. She’s also a fellow pilgrim, and we share the same camino tattoo image on our right ankles. How’s that for a quick bio?)

This sign is a beginning milestone for most pilgrims, but at this point, Beth was already halfway there. The Le Puy route is 1,000 miles.

This sign is a beginning milestone for most pilgrims, but at this point, Beth was already halfway there. The Le Puy route is 1,000 miles.

Dear Beth,

Just as my pursuit in finding gratitude became more intentional, it just as quickly became easy. There are good people all around who will lend a helping hand.

I realized it all the more this morning by way of your email reply. What a great realization of goodness.

But before that, allow me just a quick paragraph or two to frame this up. And by the way, it’s never easy when you’re writing a professional writer and editor. I’m already checking passive voice, wasteful prepositional phrases, and killing bees. (Was that last comma really necessary? I don’t know, but I like it there.)

First, I couldn’t have more respect for what you and Eric did on the Le Puy route. But I’m sure you know that. Pilgrim respect almost goes without saying. But a thousand miles… Whoa. It’s SUCH a big deal. It’s difficult to imagine my own caminos times two.

Secondly, I truly enjoy your writing. The storytelling flows seemingly without effort though I understand it’s not effortless at all. I know you work to make it good because you have so much respect for the profession. The care shows in the published product.

Beth and husband, Eric, on the final steps to the End of the World.

Beth and husband, Eric, on the final steps to the End of the World.

Perhaps even more than the storytelling, though, I appreciate the instructional writing you offer to those of us who aspire to maneuver both the craft, and the industry. In fact, just a few days ago I found myself wondering when you’d publish the next blog post in your current self-publishing series. It’s wonderful that you “give back” and share your experience.

Then there’s the tattoo thing, but, anyway … no need to get caught up in that sidebar.

When I wrote yesterday asking if you’d published materials on e-book formatting you graciously replied with a  healthy dose of valuable information. Thank you so much. Honestly, there’s some guilt I feel in getting so much for so little.

Beyond the resources, though, you even offered a nice bit of encouragement toward the end. It made me feel good and makes me want to keep going … makes me want to keep walking. There is an end to this journey, yes? It’s such a long road, and so sloppy at times. Thank you for the “ultreia-” like shout out. I press onward.

If the timeline for my first book project were lined up against a Camino Frances map I’d be somewhere just past Portomarin now. Thanks for all you’ve done in helping me get to the final steps on a path that’s been just as memorable as a long walk on that ancient footpath.

Your fellow pilgrim and storyteller,

Steve Watkins

5 thoughts on “Day 33: Beth Jusino

  1. Hey there Steve,
    One of the things I like the most about this beautiful project of yours is that I remember that the world is full, very full, chock full in fact (!) of wonderful people. They’er everywhere! And with each daily entry here, I almost feel like I have made a new friend of the person about whom you have written. It’s really heart warming in the truest sense, or maybe the most necessary sense. These days I feel like I am fighting a wave of despair in the rock bottom goodness of our country and our people, and your writing is a good defense against that. Keep up the great work!
    With love,
    Annie, aka Day 6

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