Day 36: Kerri Felts



Dear Kerri,

Nerd Day. Westside High School.

Nerd Day. Westside High School.

It’s odd, this realization that’s come recently about how comforting it is to see Dana with friends.

She’s always been the more social one, by far, and it was in her I recognized a quality long ago that brings people together. People gravitate toward Dana and she reciprocates with abundant amiability. Her gift is creating joy.

It was a pleasure not too long ago to write about the friendship I’ve known most in Dana’s life during our relationship. But it got me thinking about the friendship that was so prominent not so long ago. That’s probably not the best way to phase it for friendship is always there. Maybe we actually do acquire more than one best friend during a lifetime.

How I wish I could have known you two back in those days. Two good kids from two good families. You and I would’ve known one another, you can bet your bottom dollar. I would’ve chased that girl with the flowing black hair and beautiful face to the ends of the earth. I kid her that if we’d gone to the same school and I were  few years younger she wouldn’t have stood a chance. Ha.





Thank you for being her friend, then and now. I’ve heard how she speaks of you, that tone in her voice and look in her eye.  When she speaks of you she smiles a certain way because she loves you. Thank you for being a part of all she’s become, because I love her too, just as you do. I haven’t seen her in almost a month, and I sure do miss her, can you tell?

It was fun seeing you two together at the recent 25th reunion. I suppose that’s what got me thinking about all this and how much fun it would’ve been to know you two back in the day.  Isn’t it great how friendship works and how we can go from not seeing one another for quite some time to picking right back up where things left off?

Best friends are always with you, no matter where you are, or how long it’s been.

I hope you have the most joyful of birthdays today. This note is both my gift to you, and your gift to me.

Thankfully yours,

Steve Watkins



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