Day 49: Jimmy Campbell


Dear Jimmy,

This note would be easy to over-write. Too many words would spoil it.

So I’ll get quickly to the point.

Jimmy, Alysia and Carmen Campbell.

Jimmy, Alysia and Carmen Campbell.

Thank you for your example. I can think of no one who models a more decent Christian man than you. I want to be more like you.

A few days ago, you wrote a really nice message on a post about our pastor. Your kind words were never expected. How can a guy say things like that about me when at the same moment I’d give anything to be more like him?

Jimmy, I want you to know there is no agenda behind these words. I want nothing from you – seek nothing of you. Isn’t it sad we have to say that these days? But seriously …

You quietly and brilliantly model the servanthood of Christ.

Jimmy and Alysia Campbell and family.

Jimmy and Alysia Campbell and family.

From random good deeds no one will ever know, to an adoptive family that represents the globe, you get it (whatever ‘it’ is) as well as anyone I’ve seen. Thank you for your decency, your genuine and authentic response to a higher call. If anyone brings a smile to God’s holy face, it surely is you, sir.

I count it among the most amazing things I’ve seen when you stood on the church stage alongside brothers and sisters in Celebrate Recovery last year. The symbolism of the sign you held representing who you were, versus who Christ has allowed you to become was one of those blow me away moments rarely experienced. Thank you for the most powerful witness my eyes have seen. I shall never forget the moment. The heart of the gospel has never been more clearly depicted.

Jimmy, I’m reminded about what a wiser, more seasoned man shared with me years ago when he said, “Just remember, someone is always watching.” It’s so true. Someone’s always watching.

It’s such a refreshing pleasure watching men like you.

Enough words now. I hope these few convey my heart.

An admiring bystander,

Steve Watkins




2 thoughts on “Day 49: Jimmy Campbell

  1. I am thankful to know both you and your family. Even thou we are miles apart you all have touched my heart. I can’t wait until you all return. I miss you all dearly. I thank God everyday for this blessing and I ask him daily to please allow me to grace the presence the family that has touch my heart so dearly. May God speed. Love you all dearly.


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