Day 51: Jim Reed



Dear Jim,

Every morning delivering my daughter to school I’d admire that flagpole in your yard. How cool it is to fly the flag so prominently each day, I thought – a simple, personal choice to honor many things.

When I called inquiring how you created it so I might do the same your response was, “When would you like to do it?”

No detailed explanations. No beating around the bush with this or that. Just when

“Well, how about next Saturday?” I replied, still caught off guard by the offer.

“That sounds fine. I’ll gather everything up and see you Saturday.”

Jim Reed

Jim Reed

Nobody just jumps up and helps people any more. What were you thinking? Don’t you have something better to do than helping me? You made me your priority for nearly a day. Huh? What?

It’s one of the nicest gestures anyone’s made toward me in a while. You just showed up with everything I needed. You dug the hole, set the pole and tied the flag. Now that I think about it I was sick that morning with a fever. You did everything.

Thank you for your radical kind gesture, Jim. It made an impression I’ll never forget.

And thank you for always being nice to a cub reporter back in the day when he covered the monthly City Water and Light board meetings each second Tuesday. You never talked down or showed frustration and impatience. I was always welcome.

Thank you for being you.


Steve Watkins




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