Day 69: Garey “Spa” Sparkman


Two of my very best good friends all the way back to childhood, Brady Cornish (far left) and Garey ‘Spa’ Sparkman at one of our first annual New Year Day Feasts.

Dear Spa,

We’ve been buddies a long time a long time, haven’t we old chum?

From playground fights to Saturday morning wrestling to high school basketball championships, barbecues, and the occasional old man’s golfing outing, we’ve surely enjoyed some good times.

Gary and wife, Lorie. It amazes me how he got such a good wife!

You’ve been a good and trusted friend over the years, Spa. It’s impossible not to like you. When there’s an incoming phone call, my phone simply reads, “Spa.” Yep, that’s my old buddy calling.

You’ve become a good man. Good husband, father, hard worker. You always give me a call when there’s something I need to know from back home.

How is it that after all these years we’re still probably the biggest fans of professional wrestling? Our old heroes are growing a bit older now, just like us. Those were the glory days. We would have been an exceptional tag team, you and I. Southern Heavyweight Tag Team Champions at the least, I expect.

If I ever pursue that food truck dream, you’ll be the first guy on the call list. I think we might have it in us. Your cooking skills. My marketing. What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks for being my good buddy. You’re one of my favorites. Always have been. Always will be.

Always at ringside,

Steve Watkins




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