Day 71: Tony Thomas


Dear Tony,

We don’t always get to see all our friends as much as we might prefer, but there are some you’re always happy to be around when the opportunity occurs. During the times you’re not together, you’re holding them close to your heart and wishing the very best for them.

Tony Thomas

We’ve cheered alongside you during the last several weeks as good news for your children comes pouring in from so many directions. There’s an indescribable feeling when you see your kids fulfill their dreams and understand more about their purpose. I’ve tried putting it to words in my own kids’ life on occasion. Most simply, you’re just so happy seeing them become someone who’s trying to do the right thing.

How I’ve thought about you and Tywanda during the last few weeks, and how thrilled you must be realizing such blessings in your own family.

Tony and wife, Tywanda.

There’s never been a place that wasn’t better because you were there, Tony. Government, non-profit work, education, church, charitable causes. Some people are especially gifted in making everything they touch just a bit better than it was before. The gift is given most especially to those well grounded enough to know where the glory goes, and who draw no attention to themselves.

The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools.

Our friendship is one I value, with special gratitude for the times you’ve shared wisdom helping me understand certain social dynamics that we all ought to pursue more from the heart. Those talks always bring a better understanding about things I wish we’d all discuss more. Life would be so much better if we’d all just talk. In a world where many are making choices between building bridges or constructing walls, thank you for understanding what it means to be a bridge builder.

Your kindness and spirit of good intention are qualities I admire, and to which I will always aspire more.

Your friend,

Steve Watkins

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