Day 75: Philippa Ní Mhuireasáin

Dear Philippa,

Happy birthday from across the pond!

It seemed like a good day to recall that special walk to Cruz de Ferro not so long ago. The two early-morning accidental meetings with Megan, then you and Lauren, made that short, two-kilometer walk special for us all. It was a day I’d long anticipated and am happy it was share with you all.

We met, and separated in the same day, but you were right there at the cathedral as I walked in that Sunday afternoon. It was so nice having you there and showing me the way to the Pilgrim’s Office. You didn’t hesitate a bit, and just took me right there. I regret not getting a photo of us that moment. Forty days of walking muddies your best intentions.

It was great following you a few months back when you returned to Santiago and walked on to Fisterra. That’s a great spirit, indeed. We are always walking the Path, aren’t we.

It was such a pleasure to meet someone with such great energy, spirit, and enthusiasm, and to add to my list of wonderful friends from the UK.

Happy birthday, and happy St. Patrick’s Day coming up. May the road rise up to meet ya!

Your pilgrim friend,

Steve Watkins


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