Day 77: Pascal Brault

A wonderful photo of Pascal (left) and his dad, Fernand Brault. This must be in Montreal because you’d never have these heavy coats in Puerto Cayo.

Dear Pascal,

When your dad told me in January that you’d soon be coming for a visit to Puerto Cayo it was exciting to know I would meet more of his family.  Fern and Fredé are not only neighbors, but some of my favorite friends in the world. It is always a great pleasure to be in their company.

Enjoying good times with neighbors and new friends during a rooftop sunset party at my house last January. That’s Pascal, back right.

But it seemed a shame that you’d travel all the way from Montreal to Ecuador and stay in a hotel miles away when there’s an extra bedroom in Casa Azul right next door. And it was the least of favors I could do for all the ways your dad and Fredé have helped me over the years.

It was a real pleasure that you could wake up every morning and walk right over to begin your day. It didn’t take long on those short walks to learn the value of sunscreen and a hat at latitude 1. Haha.

Thank goodness you didn’t arrive one night earlier. If the upstairs window had fallen on you as it did on me in a dead sleep I would have never forgiven myself.

It was a pleasure to have you as a guest and I’m so glad you and your dad could spend some quality time together. It seems the world is doing so much to push cultures apart these days. We must do everything we can to reject the push and remember we are all brothers and sisters, and in this life together.

I hope you are well, and hope to see you again some day.

Your friend,

Steve Watkins


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