Day 81: Mike Doyle

Dear Mike,

The more time passes, the easier it is to understand what a genuine compliment it is when you can think about someone and say to yourself, “He’s such a good man.” A good man gets harder and harder to find these days.

But you’re such a good man, Mike Doyle.

Honestly, it was a little scary entering those radio-tv copywriting classes the summer of ’87. Print journalists tell the story. The radio-tv people whittle it down to the bare bones. Both have their place, yet the styles are so different. You made me completely comfortable in that class, not like an outsider at all. And by summer’s end I became a better writer understanding the benefit of a balance between the two.

And that voice. I could listen to that voice for hours. There’s something about a voice made for radio. You know it when you hear it, so natural, so unforced. You know it’s a real pleasure when it’s a pleasure just to listen to someone speak.

Thank you for all your kindness, and for being the kind of person it’s always a pleasure to be around. It’s a great thing to say that about someone and really mean it.

Your friend,

Steve Watkins


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