Day 87: Bob Scheidt


Dear Bob,

Perseverance. Toughness. The ability to overcome. Great qualities all, and worthy of admiration.

When I think about you, these are the words that rush to mind.

Your Facebook “bio” is an all-time favorite.

“Forty-three years of living with Type 1 diabetes; 108,000 miles walked since 1973; two continents down, five to go.”

A bit of the past, a touch of the present, and aspirations toward the future with no sign of slowing down. If I came across this description by accident, I’d think, “…now there’s a man I’d like to meet.” Yes, I want to meet a man who’s walked a hundred thousand miles.


Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words in my two walks across Spain, Bob. They truly meant so much coming from someone like you. It’s a great pleasure watching you there now. If there’s anything I’ve learned back home, it’s if you can’t be there in person, it sure is nice having someone you can cheer for who is.”

I see you walked into Burgos today. Enjoy the city and have some nice chocolaté con churros for me.

Ultreia, as you make your way toward the Norté, and have a buen camino, my friend.

Your admirer,

Steve Watkins


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