Day 88: Marie Celton

Dear Marie,

One of life’s great joys is the time we sometimes take reflecting on friendships and the circumstances bringing them together. But for a change in occurrence here or there, a different route taken, a departure or arrival of a moment’s difference, our life is forever altered in the people we meet.

And I’m so happy that we met, you and I.

As fate would have it, three of us elected to spend an extra two euros for a lower bunk that night. That was money well spent. You and Barbara from Germany were my companions for the night. Too bad about all those bedbugs she’d encountered the night before.

I’d never heard of Reunion Island. When you described your home there I slipped away a moment to locate it. Maybe you do have a house there. Maybe it is an occasional resting place. What I see so clearly now is that you’re truly a citizen of the world.

It’s so enjoyable watching your travels here and there. It takes a special person to travel solo. We must eliminate the fear. Remember our conversation that day? There was such wisdom in the things you said. My prayer is that you are finding the answer to life’s greatest questions. At least you are looking. Not everyone has the courage to go looking. Keep looking, Marie.

I hope you are smoking fewer cigarettes (which was one of your purposes for camino) and the plastic bag addiction is long a thing of the past. Ha!

You were one of the loveliest walking partners with whom I enjoyed time on the Way. Thank you for sharing your time.

Love and admiration always,

Steve Watkins






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