After contemplating this for several days I’ve decided to put a hold on this note-a-day project. How do you put a “hold” on a project where you intended to write a note a day for a year? I don’t know. I suppose I’ll learn what that means later.

It’s not because there aren’t plenty of people left about whom I can write. There surely are.

It’s not because I don’t appreciate how good it is to begin each day with these kinds of thoughts.

And it isn’t because I don’t like doing it any more and just want to quit.

I’ve neglected a few other important early-morning habits lately, and can sense a void. The voids are mostly physical and spiritual and I’m not willing to live in either. I’m not spending nearly as much time in the bible as I prefer, and am not taking early-morning walks. There’s also a final two chapters and an epilogue to write for Pilgrim Strong, and those chapters contain important messages. They need me to be on my A game.

Thank you for coming along on these past 91 days of notes. We’ll reset and reframe this another way in the months ahead. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life lately, it’s that there really are no rules.

As always, my deepest appreciation to anyone who reads.



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