Day 3: Nate and Faith Walter


Dear Nate & Faith:

It was such a pleasure meeting you both in Santiago de Compostela last November. Lucky for us Dana made us keep searching the narrow, crowded streets, and that we finally came upon you at Pilgrim House.

I had my reservations. Not sure why, but I did. I thought Pilgrim House might be some mystic out-of-the-way place, the smell of incense burning from the back, full of strange people I wouldn’t connect with all discussing their karma and listening to tracks of buddhist chant music playing about. I’m not sure why I presumed that, but I did, and not that it would’ve been the end of the world. It’s just not my comfort zone. Of course, to my great pleasure, it wasn’t, and to our great fortune, we had the pleasure to meet you both.

Thank you for being so kind to us, for washing our clothes, for help with all the logistical questions and directions, and for taking an interest in our camino experience. It was intriguing to hear your stories, too, and the idea for how Pilgrim House launched. When we got home, I did more research on your affiliate agency and was completely struck by ITEAMS’ promotional material tagline.


You had me at “Things are not alright.”

It’s a special thing when people who are passionate about finding their purpose, are also the kind of people who can successfully face the odds for all that it takes to make it happen. When those two qualities come together, stuff gets done.


Faith and Nate Walter

It’s so amazingly wonderful that you’ve recognized this practical way to show people the gospel in a culture where life is lived out in the Spanish cafes and bars. You’re not telling people the Good News. You’re not preaching at them. You’re showing them how it’s done! What you’re doing, where you’re doing it is SO important. Brokenness exists along the Camino de Santiago like a train wreck. There’s woundedness from the Pyrenees to the sea.

But dreaming is one thing. Getting it done is a different order altogether. You beat the odds with all the challenges presented in a different culture and you never quit. Well done, my pilgrim brethren. Well done.

I think of Pilgrim House and pray for it almost every day. I think about the pilgrims passing through your doors, what they’ve just experienced, how they’re beginning to process it, and what they’ll do with it all from that important moment. And I think about the great opportunity you both have as the very first part of their transition. “WOW” comes to mind as I think about the latter.

Dana and I hope to come and volunteer with you some day sooner rather than later. We hope you have a great 2017. Until then, we send our most heartfelt wishes and a buen camino on your mission.